Sexual Intimacy – Priceless

There are many things in life that are priceless and great sexual intimacy is at the top of that list. While there are certainly some people that who have excellant sex lives, there are those that who simply can not achieve sexual satisfaction of the great sexual intimacy they deserve. From emotional disorders to physical disorders, fantastic sex is something that does not come naturally to most people. And even though a lot of people have some form of sexual dysfunction (43% of females and 31% of males) or another, some think there is something abnormal about them and that is just not true.

Most Sexual Dysfunctions Can Be Reframed and Treated

The following timely tips for sex that will help people who suffer from sexual dysfunctions:

  • Forget about the past, put the past out of your mind. When couples engage in sex, they tend to think about their previous experiences, either consciously or subconsciously. Men may focus on earlier times when they were affected by premature ejaculation, inability to maintain an erection, or inability to please a woman. Similarly, women may focus on previous inability to orgasm, sexual abuse from childhood, or an earlier fight with her sex partner. In order to focus on the present, it is important to forget about the past.

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Couples Should Not be Afraid to Communicate

Couples should not be afraid to communicate with one another and to reveal their sexual desires, needs, or fears. Even with the common societal view that talking about sex is wrong, communicating is always right. If two people are comfortable enough to share in the most intimate of human acts, they should not be too uncomfortable to talk about it.

In many cases, talking about sexual problems is a remedy in itself. If you are afraid that you will not be able to perform, let your partner know. Likewise, let your partner know if you have a hard time reaching orgasms. As long as you both understand each other and are sensitive to each other’s feelings, you will most likely be able to work through any type of sexual dysfunction.

The key is to try to do so together. It takes two people to make sex possible, so it should be no surprise that it takes two people to make great sex a guarantee.