Anxieties about Sex is Nerve Racking

The first step towards helping normal people find the great sexual intimacy they crave is to recognize the physical and psychological components of the sexual dysfunction. Problems like impotence and inability to orgasm are frequently viewed as physical problems that require medical help. While it is true that side effects of medications, substance abuse, and fertility disorders are physical in nature, there  are also sexual dysfunctions that have a mental component. In other words, even if there is a physical cause for a sexual dysfunction, mental frustration can certainly do more harm.

By alleviating the mental aspects that aggravate physical symptoms, most people are able to overcome sexual dysfunction. For instance, a man who suffers from impotence will have a much easier time maintaining an erection if he does not question his adequacy as a man. Similarly, a woman who suffers from anorgasmia (inability to reach orgasm) will have a greater chance of achieving an orgasm if she can simply let go of her frustration and fear from past sexual experiences.

No matter what the sexual dysfunction may be, positive mental health plays a large role in correcting it. Although the many kinds of sexual dysfunctions widely differ from one another, most can be improved or even cured by following a set of theraputic sexual guidelines.